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We are Richard and Carol Doggett, the husband and wife team who have been contributing to the pet grooming industry since the seventies.

After being educated in pet grooming, we embarked on our new professional career as one of a very small number of companies, that offered mobile dog grooming services within the entire USA. This developed immediately into a successful business, even though the concept was brand new to the pet community.

In 1983 we sold our mobile grooming business and relocated to a new part of the country, where we ran a retail/grooming salon for the next 5 years. We once again sold that business and were able to purchase commercial/home property of our own. In 1988 we settled into this home business that provided us the opportunity to be with our three young children full time.

While raising them through young adulthood we were able to always be there for them and also introduce each of them to the dog grooming business. They each helped us at a young age, first as bathers and eventually as full-fledged dog groomers.

In due time we helped each of them begin their own mobile grooming companies. Our eldest began at the young age of 18 and was an instant success. Our second daughter had her company for three years before marrying and adding her second unit on for her husband. Our son was a natural at it and became the proud owner of his business, also at an early age. Each now have over 15 years in the mobile grooming industry.

We had many, many individuals approach us for apprentice training. Like any exceptional grooming establishment, we were always too busy most of the time to take anyone under our tutorilage. But during the slower winter months we began training. We became aware of the need for a solid training modality that many could take advantage of.

Based on our vast experience and success, we painstakingly developed and began sharing this successful home study “Career Development Package” with individuals worldwide. Dog Grooming has been our life and we are excitedly sharing the vast amount of knowledge we’ve acquired with anyone who has the desire to learn from true professionals.

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